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Joint Symposium of UCD-COE and OU-ES

The 2nd joint symposium between the University of California, Davis, college of Engineering (UC-COE) and Osaka University, Graduate School of Engineering Science (OU-ES) was held (1st: held in 2019. Not held in 2021 due to the COVID-19).

fter looking back on the past 10 years of exchange between UCD-CPE and OU-ES, cutting-edge researches were introduced from the perspective of “Chemical Engineering Science”, and ways to promote exchange between students and faculty in the future was discussed.

20231226_pics01.png Presenters (upper pictures) and group photo (bottom)

20231226_pics02.png Slide of opening remark (Past exchanges of UCD-COE and OU-ES)

  • UC Davis, College of Engineering
  • UC Davis, COE, Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Osaka Univ., Center for Global Initiatives (ex. UCD-OU Joint Lab)